★ Ambo, Itiyopiya - i-itiyopiya ..


★ Ambo, Itiyopiya

  • I - Ambo yi - woreda engaphansi kwesifundazwe se Oromia, e - Itiyopiya Ethiopia shapefiles Ethiopia s Administrative Woredas Kulandwe
  • Tulo Hawi Gudina Burka Dimtu Gumbii Bordobe Abuna Ginde Beret Ada aa Bargaa Ambo Bako Tibe Cheliya Dano Dendi Ejerie Elfata Ginde Beret Jeldu Jibat Meta Robi

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Adaba high school. Ambo UniversityMathematics Itiyopiya Ewart. Communications Strategist at Agricultural Missions, Inc. Asheville, NC. Maraba Edosa. A SOCIO ECONOMIC HISTORY OF NORTH SHÄWA, ETHIOPIA. Возможно, вы имели в виду:. Täklä Tsadiq Mäkuria, Atsé Tewodros ina yä Itiyopiya Andenät Addis Ababa, 1989 Näqämet, Arjo and Ambo were some of the localities exposed to modern.

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